RMS Faraday cage in Palaiseau

ISM Band experimentation room

The ISM Band experimentation room is dedicated to 802.15.4, WiFi and LoRa technologies. This room is part of rhe Equipex FIT and is currently evolving towards a national platforme called SILECS, having the label TGIR (Très Grande Infrastructure de Recherche – Very Large Research Infrastructure). The room is at disposal of the academic and industrial community to develop and deploy images built on open source OS with the goal of doing experimentations on connected objects. For more information on FIT, see https://www.iot-lab.info/.

SDR card

SDR 4G/5G experimentation room

The SDR 4G/5G experimentation room is dedicated to cellular technologies including 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, and 5G. This room includes a Faraday cage in which are positioned SDR cards. Cellular networks are operational within the cage. They are used to test specific developments on the radio systems (based on software radio). Base band processing are performed on dedicated servers located also in the cage. Core network elements are located in a datacenter on servers controlled with Openstack or Kubernetes. This room is also part of the national platform SILECS. For more information on SILECS, see https://www.silecs.net/.